Wednesday, June 01, 2016


A stranger that you recently meet,you think its would be great to be friend with him, but it would be odd to ask for a friendship...however
you still reach out and surprisingly the friendship starts...

yet, you don't have enough time to made the relationship solid as you are moving away for sum reason.

should I cling onto it and try to work it out as my instinct tell me to...
should I just let it go as he might eventually forgot about me...




Sunday, March 21, 2010







Wednesday, March 11, 2009



18/2/09 - 他可能很忙
19/2/09 - 他因该很忙
28/2/09 - 他可能忘了
10/3/09 - 他已经忘了
12/3/09 - 嗨,因该重复提醒我自己他很粗心大意;也证明他忘了我会很在意


电脑也很懂我心,playlist竟会shuffled 到-苏慧伦的[被动]

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surgical Posting

now in my second posting...surgical
already been informed by my kawan-kawan
O&G posting is like hell n surgical posting is a place worst then that...

firstly, Here we do TDS round (3 time rounds per day)
each one including houseman round, followed by Medical officer round, thn registrar thn surgeon...
basically 3 x 4 = 12 rounds...
The plans r always additive, never subtractive....

Secondly, It's infected with STAT virus (though i m a person who want things to be settle fast, yet.......)
FBC stat, BUSE stat, tract investigation stat, send booking slip stat, send gxm stat,
(FOR UR INFORMATION, STAT means immediately without any delay, it's few ranking higher then ASAP, it's --> as fast don't care how - ASDCH)

3rdly,houseman r like Paramecium in the ecosystem......
we do d PPK work, we do d nurses work n also d houseman work......
Yet we only get housaman pay...
PPK work like snail, depend them in the fulminat STAT virus world, patient will die n follwed by us...
Nurses, minimally are competent... it's usually "bukan saya punya cubical", "tak tahulah","saya tak ambil","semalam shift punya orang","mereka tak pass over lah","ye ke?"

4th. we dont really manage patient, we carried out plans.....
dextrose stick high ---> KIV to start s/c insulin
BP high ---> KIV to start antihypertensive
Fever with creps on d right lung --> KIV to start antibiotic after blood C&S, KIV chest X-RAY
it's another bug---> KIV bacilli

but at least i get to learn chest tube insertion, long lines, I&D
Hopefully can do appendicectomy la....

Just started my posting, this is how i felt, it might change at d end of the day,
it's a very "careful" posting and yet
i still like surgery =>

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Finished my medical posting d lo....
spending my last 1.5 weeks in nephro posting...
IJC stiches, guide wire exchange, blood C&S from infected IJC patient (blue, red lumen, peripheral), learn how to bungkus d IJC, Fem cathether nicely, did my stab peritoneal's a posting full of, fun, fun...

HD, STAB PD, CAPD, IPD, APD--> glad at least i knew what r they...
Renal dosing-->cant remember d dosing at all, but it's a must for renal pt
long term renal replacement plan--> ha... at least i know something...

will be missing ya -- medical(my kawan-kawan, MOs n specialist, and especially d wednesday n friday breakfast)
here i come -- surgical

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Haemato -> Blood -> FBC -> Hb/TWBC/Plt

1st day in Hemato ward
I saw chicken CHOP & also FISH & chip (short forms here n there, chemo med which i dunno how to pronounce when i see at a glance)

MO Lim... - y they do this to u, u 1st poster, got reason not to go in
MO Sw...- dont worry, 2 weeks onli right, very fast, will go through one

D stress level is d same as when i jus get in medical
new style to suit d MO, n also the specialist
She is like d old english teacher in convent girl school who speaks proper english, who asked the shool girls to sit square n straight n knock their finger with rulers if they dont.......

I m curious about hemato,
i like some changes here n there
but i miss 7a alr

Sunday, November 16, 2008


很开心 =)